Mill Alignment Service

Welded tube Pros offers laser assisted mill alignments for welded tube mills and metal rollforming lines. Please select the appropriate category below.

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Equipment other then welded tube mills and rollformers may be aligned with our laser.  Contact us for more information.

Principals of Laser Alignment Operation

The pictures below describe the many ways that the 3 plane laser may be utilized.

Images and info: Hamar Laser Instruments Inc. Used with permission.

 The Principals of Operation

The laser alignment system used by Welded Tube Pros measures 3 axis machine geometries by automatically sweeping 3 ultra flat laser planes (like a ceiling and 2 walls). These planes are mutually square to each other to within 1 arc second. The projected laser beam is sensed by a laser target, which records the position of the surface being measured relative to the projected laser plane. When the beam hits the target it creates an analog signal, which is converted to a digital number. The number is displayed on a handheld readout.

The numerical readout is accurate to 0.0001". The readout shown is preset to show 0.001" accuracy.  Positions are read +/- relative to the laser beam.

To measure or align machine geometries, the laser plane is made parallel to 3 reference points (3 points define a plane). This is referred to as "bucking in". The pitch and roll of the laser plane are adjusted by using course and fine micrometers built into the base of the laser. 

After "bucking in" the target is moved to various points along the surface where it measures deviation from the laser reference plane. Since the measurement readout is live or dynamic, the machine component can be adjusted using the target as a digital indicator.

If squareness measurements are required, one of the vertical planes must be made parallel to either an axis of travel or a way surface, by using the yaw adjustment in the base. Measuring squareness is as simple as zeroing a horizontal target on one part of the column and measuring the deviation as it travels up and down. Again, the target can be used as a digital indicator to adjust the column in real time.

While we specialize in all manner of welded tube and cold rollform system alignments, Welded Tube Pros inspection, alignment, and diagnostic services, are also available for a wide range of machine tool applications. We can provide all services shown above.

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