Environmental Services

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Building Decontamination

Site Remediation

Electrical Services

PCB Cleanup Remediation Planning Upgrades of Electrical Equipment
Radioactive Decontamination Soil Excavation/Surface Remediation Energized Substation painting
Dust-Controlled Concrete Removal Bioremediation Preventative/Predictive Maintenance Programs
Tank Cleaning/Closure Wastewater Treatment Substation Field Services
Sampling and Laboratory Analysis Install Water Treatment Systems On-site Maintenance and Full Service Contracts
Pressure Cleaning On-site Waste Treatment Emergency Service 24 Hours a Day
Wet/Dry Industrial Vacuum Vapor Extraction/Soil Venting Systems ASTM Diagnostic Oil Sampling and Analysis
Facility Closure Restoration Pond Cleaning PCB Equipment Recertification/ Disposal
Soil Excavation Landfill Closure Transformer Insulator Bushing Cleaning
On-site Waste Treatment Accident Cleanup- 24 Hour Response Complete PCB Management Services

Emergency Response and Transportation

In-plant Hazardous/ Non Hazardous Material Accidents

Spill Cleanup

Coordination with First Responder Agencies

24-Hour Emergency Hotline
Registered with National Response Center
DOT-Permitted Hazardous Waste Transporter
Wastestream Review and Disposal
Treatment, Storage, Disposal, Coordination

Approximate 2-3 Hour Regional Emergency Response Radius

Mr. Ken Kozak

EXPERIENCE: Mr. Kozak has more than 15 years experience in operations management, quality assurance and supplier management.


Operations Management-- Managed environmental, electrical and emergency response operations. Major projects included:

PCB Transformer Retrofit: Performed full facility change out of PCB transformers, capacitors and switches at a primary Big three automotive parts manufacturer. Project was performed on schedule and within budget during time critical shutdown periods.

Superfund: Directed activities to close an NPDES outfall at a Superfund site using a unique USEPA approved slurry cap and plug technique. The project included the installation of over 2,000 feet of new effluent lines and connections.

Emergency Response: Managed 24 hour response activities involving hazardous and non-hazardous spills. Varied project list includes PCB transformers, flammable tankers and contaminated transport vehicles with environments ranging from operating plant facilities to major waterways. Coordinated responses with EPA, local Hazmat, and other agencies to meet regulatory requirements and gain client satisfaction.

Corporate Accounts-- Provide timely cost-effective solutions to a variety of clients throughout a five-state region. Proposals range from waste management to total facility decontamination.