Employee Training

Welded Tube Pros is proud to offer employee training for the Welded Tube and Rollforming industries. Our training curriculum will streamline and bring continuity to your production schedule. Whether you are an experienced mill operator, new hire, engineer, purchasing specialist, production manager, or a shift supervisor; Welded Tube Pros training and educational programs are beneficial and have something to offer even the most seasoned employees.

A recent training session.

Training goals and objectives:

1. Increase productivity.

2. Decrease downtime.

3. Ensure continuity of mill set up and operation.

4. Reinforce on the job safety practices.

5. Bring operators and managers closer together.

6. Process audits to maximize use of your available equipment and facilities.

7. Greenfield studies.

Training may be held in your facility or at a suitable off-site conference center.

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