Consulting Services

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Bud Graham    Ed Mild    Ken Kozak    Mark Qualls

Welded Tube Pros LLC Consulting Services:


The consultants of Welded Tube Pros are specialist in welding, forming,
finishing, punching, leveling, and gauge correction of all grades of carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, titanium, tantilum, and hastaloy. 

We cover all phases of the entry process, coil handling, end welding, gauge control, leveling, roll tool analysis and strip width considerations, welding, scarf systems, cut-off, and exit systems. We also offer hands on training, operator manuals/videos, and comprehensive problem solving pertaining to production issues, including equipment alignments. Comprehensive Greenfield studies are also available for welded tube and rollforming operations.

Consulting is limited to production issues in tube/ pipe, cold rollformed section formation, stamping, and the  manufacturing equipment generally employed in these processes. This means that we have nothing to do with the sizing, selection of, or fabrication of welded tube, cold rollformed sections, or stampings, into finished goods. We do not deal with tube/pipe, cold rollformed section, or stamping product end users. We do not deal with tube / pipe applications in fluid or load carrying duties.


The term “Equipment” includes:

Coil Handling equipment: up to 80,000 pound capacity systems:


Coil cars




Strip edge detection and guidance systems

End weld detection systems

Strip handling systems and processes such as leveling, flattening and peeling


Coil End Joiners:

Manual fitup with manual welding (generally TIG)

Automatic fitup with automatic welding (TIP, MIG, Laser, SubArc)

Crop shears


Strip Accumulators:

Horizontal and Vertical festoon type loop accumulators

Vertical free loop accumulators (Patented product; "Floop")

Horizontal, table type accumulators


In-Line Gauge Correction and camber reduction systems:

Two-high roll style up to 750,000 pound separating force

Four-high roll style up to 5,000,000 pound separating force

Contact type thickness gauges

Non-Contact thickness gauges (Gamma, Laser, X-Ray, Ultrasonic)

Non-Contact velocity laser sensor



Tube / Pipe Mills:

Entry Tables

Breakdown Forming Stands

Fin-forming Stands

Weld box

Seam guides

OD Weld Bead scarf systems

ID Weld Bead Scarf systems

Sizing forming passes

Reshape forming passes

Roll tooling

 Gear reducers

 special forming stands- 

 clutches / brakes, motors / drives

operator controls

Mill cooling and lubrication systems

Cold Rollforming Mills:

Pre-Notch Press Applications

Entry Tables

Forming Stands

Mill Drives



Roll Tooling

Section Coiling

Section Welding

Special forming stands-

clutches / brakes, motors / drives

Operator controls

Mill cooling and lubrication systems





Weld / Anneal Power supplies:

Contact power transfer systems

Induction power transfer systems


Coating Systems


Powder coating

Paint systems


The term "Production Issues" include the following:

Tube / Pipe Mill Operations. Roll tool management, including tool design evaluation, revision and computer aided analysis. Operator training in all phases of Welded Tube / Pipe production. Quality control systems, including weld quality and finished tube physical dimensional tolerances. Prime to Prime change over time reduction processes and related issues. Evaluation of production requirements for New Products and Processes.